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Luthier, guitar maker, forester, scientist


I build guitars. It's not my first profession -- I actually trained as a forester and tree geneticist, have worked in that capacity on every continent of the planet, and continue to consult in the field. But, I've always been a wood worker and I've played the guitar for as long as I can remember. So, lutherie, the building of stringed instruments, has been a developing interest over the last few years and is becoming a new career for me, one that I hope I can continue long after my retirement from science.

In this blog, I plan to feature some of my ongoing projects -- with narrative and photos -- and hope it might be of interest to guitar players looking for that special instrument. For me, every project is unique, working toward a personal objective to craft something special or to provide a musician with his/her "dream" instrument. I learn from every instrument I make, and strive to achieve the highest standard of craftsmanship, while building instruments that are first-and-foremost designed to be played by discerning musicians.

So, please enjoy what you find on these pages and join me in this journey

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